The ERP has the following integrated modules that share information;

  • Financial Management
  • Academic Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Human Resource
  • Payroll Management
  • Hostel & Catering Management
  • Library Management System
  • Health Unit and Hospital Management
  • Fleet Management

Dynasoft has appreciated the fact that people want to work from anywhere, anytime. In addition, interaction with the outside world is key for an organization. The Web Portal is a platform that allows both the staff and external stakeholders to interact with the system outside the local network from anywhere globally. It brings the element of globalization into the work environment. The Web Portal is seamlessly integrated to the core ERP and is easy to use for non-technical users. Security of the system is ensured by providing a buffer platform which the external stakeholder accesses, thus ensuring the main system of the client is not directly accessed from outside. The portal can be accessed using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The need for advanced reporting capabilities that help the management have a bird’s eye view of the organization has made Business Intelligence an important value addition of ERP solutions. This is fully integrated with the ERP for the availability of graphical and bar chart reports thus allowing management to have the status of the organization at their fingertips, identify trends and make projections.

For maximum customer experience and personal relations with the organization’s customers, we offer integrated CRM and Call Center solutions. Customer issues can be tracked from beginning to resolution. Customer information is stored in the system and displayed on the screen every time the customer’s call comes in, thus enhancing personal customer relations and increased customer satisfaction. Predictive dialer, Automatic Call Distributor, Interactive Voice Response System features among others.

Electronic Document Management System ensures that an organization stores its records electronically. With the scanning and indexing of documents, these can easily be attached and accessed from within the ERP processes. EDMS ensures that huge bulky storage of physical documents as they are all converted to electronic documents that are easily stored and retrieved. Management of files in electronic format and conversion of paper documents to electronic files

The need to process transactions on the fly anywhere anytime has made organizations avail services to their customers in mobile phones. Processing bills payments, querying accounts status, funds transfers and payments for purchases can all be done using mobile phones. Our technical team has provided numerous mobile platforms to suite client needs and improve on customer satisfaction. Mobile applications are integrated to core ERP and data is transmitted back and forth through a secure interface.

Our solution can provide a full or part-time outsourced help desk service, application support center or service desk for your own employees or organizational needs. The system utilizes our own proprietary IT Service Management platform (ITSM) which enables our help desk support staff to quickly and efficiently resolve support issues as the occur. We’ve pioneered a unique support workflow that focuses on rapid triage and first-call resolution. Our root-cause learning engine blindly scores thousands of responses from hundreds of environments just like yours to enable us to solve problems right the first time. Due to how your organization is structured, we believe our solution will offer a great deal for your organization with great ticket resolution time, knowledge base storage of past errors or tickets and a staff portal to well keep track of support and field staff.



Staff Portal(Staff Check-in, asset requests and replacement,  Claims)

Tickets Tracking, allocation and resolution.


All the above features are enabled for both web and mobile platforms. Email us for demo credentials: